Who We Are

The Ecumenical retreat for retried clergy, church professionals and their partners is an informal ecumenical group who gather annually for dialogue, fellowship, fun and stimulation on vital issues of religious faith. It provides an opportunity for thoughtfulness and fun and has been held annually since 1982.

Our retreats tend to be especially interesting to those of the more progressive viewpoint among the Christian Community.  All are welcome to take part in these events.

Retreat Planning Committee Members

Bob & Laurel Blaney, UMC
Paul Burks, UMC
Jean Conrad, UU/UMC
Steve Darling, UMC
George & Diane Erickson PCUSA
Jerry Fox, UMC
Pharis Harvey, UMC
Walter Johnson, PCUSA
Paul Masquelier, PCUSA
Bud Tillinghast, UMC
Lloyd Schneider, UCC
Michael Vorsler, UCC
Darrell Yeaney, PCUSA

The thank the following governing bodies who’s
grants help to underwrite this event.

California Nevada Conference of The United Methodist Church

The Presbytery of San Jose – PCUSA